[Eeglablist] Converting EEG Montage to Standard Montage

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Sorry for my delay Iman,

I have not had a chance to try to replicate the bug that you reported. In the mean time, something to try... I normally use one of the standard_1020 elc files that comes with eeglab. Make a copy of it and then edit it in a text editor so that it only contains the desired channels. Then use interpmont create the data at the new sites.

I hope that this helps

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Hi James,
Thanks for your email and the video.
I have been trying to use the toolbox according to the YouTube video and change the head radius in EEGLAB to 85;  but I have got a strange error ( see below) and I could not even see the head model and rotate it! My goal is to change the current montage of the data from 128-channel EGI ( which apparently I have rejected some bad channels so I have less than 128 channels) to the standard 81 or 27 channel montage from BESA ( or whatever standard montage with less channels , like 27) . I have attached the electrode location file  that I have been trying to use. I have downloaded it from : http://robertoostenveld.nl/?p=5
Do you have any idea what is going wrong or the electrode location file is incorrect or what? Or do you have a 21/27 montage that works well for you and you can share it here.


Very best

Iman M.Rezazadeh, Ph.D. , M.Sc., B.Sc.
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Hi Iman,

I have an EEGLAB extension "Interpmont" that may help. It can be downloaded from the public github repository here.<https://github.com/jadesjardins/interpmont>

"EEGLAB extension for interpolating recording locations. Utilities include changing current locations to fit a model surface (warplocs), Interpolating current data to locations in a coordinate file (interpmont) and re-referencing to the average interpolated site from a coordinate file (interpref)."

Once you have the extension folder extracted into the EEGLAB plugins folder use " Tools > Interpolate to coordinate file > interpolate the data to sites in a coordinate file". In the GUI select an EEGLAB recognized coordinate file and then in the "Optional inputs" edit box enter <'manual','on'> (this will allow you to coregister your loaded data set chanlocs coordinates to the surface of the new coordinate file [if they are not already on the same surface]).

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Subject: [Eeglablist] Converting EEG Montage to Standard Montage


I want to transform my current electrodes’ montage (128ch – bad electrodes) for each individual subject to a standard montages ( like 81 channels ) like what I can do it in BESA to make all of the electrode locations standardized for group comparison in ELECTRODE SPACE NOT SOURCE SPACE. Is there any function /plug-in to do it?

Iman M.Rezazadeh, Ph.D , M.Sc., B.Sc.
Research Associate II
Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

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