[Eeglablist] LIMO EEG categorical variable and continuous variables

cyril pernet cyril.pernet at ed.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 04:07:36 PDT 2014

Hi Lorenzo,

LIMO EEG expect (at least for now) that your have your conditions coded 
separately for each trial - this should be a single vector with all your 
conditions (basically you can export this from your EEG structure). A 
continuous might some measures from your stimuli, the response (like 
coding incorrect responses to remove some variance), or RTs.


    I am currently trying to use the LIMO EEG toolbox but I am stuck at
    the first step! The GUI asks for a *categorical variable.txt* and
    a*continuous variables.mat*. I have my subjects analysed with EEGLAB
    but I have no such files. So..how do I create this two files?

 > Hey Lorenzo,
 > I'm not an expert with that toolbox yet but I've enough knowledge to 
answer this.
 > Your categorical variable is basically your condition code for each 
epoch. I assume you have an epoched dataset? If so, for each file you 
need to generate a list with an integer per row > corresponding to the 
order of trials in your epoched file.The continuous variable would be 
the same but it would not bin your data into condition. So for example 
it would be the degree > of brightness for each picture (hence, continuous).

As Bastien point out, any integer works -- also if there are some 
conditions you want to remove you could just put a NaN.
Files can be .mat or .txt

Also, excellent suggestion from Makoto, there is a tutorial in the help 
directory that will help you get started.


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