[Eeglablist] Display problems topoplot (LIMO)

Maren Stropahl maren.stropahl at uni-oldenburg.de
Wed Apr 23 00:13:02 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I have some display problems with the topoplot function. As soon as I 
use this function for plotting either alone or in a subplot, especially 
for interactive plots, the fonts (axes/legends) are messy. The numbers 
or letters appear several times and make the plot unreadable. I am also 
using the LIMO toolbox and also here the interactive plots (view results 
-> image all) cannot be used anymore. As soon as I save the image as 
.eps or .png the figure looks ok. So it might be just a Matlab problem.

I am currently using a new installed Matlab 2012a and eeglab11_0_5_4b 
version (as I did before without having problems). Does anyone have a 
suggestion how to solve this problem? I've already tried different 
combinations of Matlab and eeglab version without success.

Thanks a lot

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