[Eeglablist] Display problems topoplot (LIMO)

Dr Cyril Pernet cyril.pernet at ed.ac.uk
Thu Apr 24 23:44:26 PDT 2014

Hi Maren, and all users having font inversion

> I have some display problems with the topoplot function. As soon as I
> use this function for plotting either alone or in a subplot, especially
> for interactive plots, the fonts (axes/legends) are messy. The numbers
> or letters appear several times and make the plot unreadable. I am also
> using the LIMO toolbox and also here the interactive plots (view results
> -> image all) cannot be used anymore. As soon as I save the image as
> .eps or .png the figure looks ok. So it might be just a Matlab problem.

the problem comes from an incompatibility between the Matlab OpenGL renderer and some graphics cards - most of them works just fine but for a few the render is wrong.

anyway here is a solution that seems to work (sometimes), once you have a figure type set(gcf,'InvertHardCopy','off'); - this property should only affect the printed output, but somehow it fixes the font inversion issue

another option that seems to work is to 'disable' the open GL from your video card typiing into matlab opengl software - that forces matlab to use the sotfware version 

let me know which solution works for you (hard to reproduce as none of my machines have this problem) - we may as well set those options into EEGLAB - LIMO if that work ok ... 


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