[Eeglablist] Why doesn't BINICA show up as an option in ICA?

Natalie Prowse NatalieProwse at cmail.carleton.ca
Thu May 8 10:48:47 PDT 2014

?Thank-you Makoto.  I have logged the bug (1604) and am using your work around.



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Dear Natalie,

Sorry for inconvenience.
I'd like to give you a temporal solution using a command line meanwhile you post it as a bug to bugzilla

After loading the set file you want to decompose, run the following command.

[wts,sph] = binica(EEG.data(:,:), 'extended', 1);
EEG.icaweights = wts;
EEG.icasphere = sph;
EEG = eeg_checkset(EEG, 'ica');
eeglab redraw


2014-04-30 11:59 GMT-07:00 Natalie Prowse <NatalieProwse at cmail.carleton.ca<mailto:NatalieProwse at cmail.carleton.ca>>:

I have the windows version of BINICA on my C: drive.

I have verified that the PATH variable contains the path to the file:

I have verified that in the eeglab install \functions\sigprocfunc\icadefs.m the ICABINARY variable is properly set:
ICABINARY = 'C:\NICERLAB\Artifact_removal_code\BinICA\ica.exe';

And yet, after loading a Brain Vision file and then clicking on Tools->Run ICA  I do not always get presented with BINICA as an option.  I also have FASTICA installed, and it doesn't show up either.  This is RANDOM - sometimes I see BINICA in the list, but more often times, I don't.  I cannot pinpoint what is different when it's working vs not.

Any ideas what could be interfering with EEGLab's ability to display the BINICA or FASTICA option to me?

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