[Eeglablist] Exporting .egis files from NetStation

Levinson, Lisa lml2155 at tc.columbia.edu
Wed May 14 15:24:10 PDT 2014

Dear EEGLab Users,

I need to export .egis files from NetStation. I tried to export one
participant file and got time points on the y axis (rows) and electrodes as
the x axis (columns). I would have imagined participant for the row and
time points as the columns. Perhaps because it was only one file that was
how it presented.

Ultimately I am looking to use the .egis files to do a PCA. So I will need
to export multiple files into one egis file. Not sure if I combine
individual files into an average file to export but I think that
prematurely collapses the cells. Does anyone have a protocol for this?
Would appreciate any direction you can provide.

*Lisa Levinson*Doctoral Student
Biobehavioral Sciences
Teachers College, Columbia University
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