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lars.rogenmoser at psychologie.uzh.ch lars.rogenmoser at psychologie.uzh.ch
Wed May 28 04:25:42 PDT 2014

Dear all

Is anyone familiar with spectral analysis in terms of pre-computing component measures? I was wondering whether someone could tell me how to include a power baseline in spectral analysis. 

the "std_spec" function suggests 'timerange'. However, there is furher information on FFTs discussing the baseline (http://sccn.ucsd.edu/eeglab/allfunctions/timefdetails.html)


Spectral baseline end-time (in ms). Use NaN for no baseline removal{0}


Baseline spectrum to log-subtract. 'baseline' parameter is ignored if this parameter is used {def|NaN->from data} This is useful only when you want to use a known baseline spectrum (e.g. from another condition) instead of using the actual mean baseline spectrum of the data. Otherwise, leave this out or specify as 'NaN' (not a number).

Which one is the appropriate function?

thanks, Lars

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