[Eeglablist] Open-source EEG recording software? (Deborah Apthorp)

Nike gnanateja nikegnanateja at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 21:32:21 PDT 2014

Hi Deborah,

You can try BCI2000 it is an open course software for BCI applications but
I think it can also be used for  only data acquisition without necessarily
using a BCI.  http://www.schalklab.org/research/bci2000


G Nike Gnanateja, MSc (Audiology) <http://goog_636235333/>
Junior Research Fellow,
Department of Audiology,
All India Institute of Speech
and Hearing Mysore-06

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Subject: [Eeglablist] Open-source EEG recording software?
Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience with any reliable open-source EEG recording
software? I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with proprietary software
that I pay thousands of dollars for, that requires a hardware dongle, and
that only works on outdated operating systems (i.e. Windows XP). I would
like something that would work with my existing hardware and could record
in a format easily read by EEGlab, as we’re now using that (and ERPLab) in
preference to the buggy proprietary analysis software.

Thanks in advance


Dr Deborah Apthorp

NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
Research School of Psychology
ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment

deborah.apthorp at .anu.edu.au
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