[Eeglablist] Spatial resolution

Ibtissem KHOUAJA BENFRADJ ibtissem.khouaja at live.fr
Mon Jun 23 16:52:07 PDT 2014

Dear list,

in order to increase the spatial resolution at an EEG examination, 
can we insert a new signal knowing the location in cartesian coordinates neighboring signals 
and their representation based on autoregression vector of 10 points?

I want to know if there is work in this context and what are the interpolation methods used.

Thanks in advance, 

Ibtissem KHOUAJA BENFRADJPhD in computer scienceSpeciality Signal ProcessingLaboratory LTIM, University of Monastir, Tunisiahttp://www.labtim.org/accueil.phpLaboratory LIGM, Univerisity of Paris-East, France http://ligm.u-pem.fr/

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