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Sat Jun 28 09:00:38 PDT 2014

> 1) What is the unit measure of the output values? (i.e. is it mV, 
> mV^2, or dB?)
The output is expressed as power values (10*log(microV^2).
They are taken from the *average_spec* variable from within the 
*designN_subj.datspec* files.

Makoto, would you confirm if I'm right, that *average_spec *contains 
power values?
> 2) I was unable to include a second independent variable and call it 
> VAR2, but I was able to let the 2nd var take on the condition titles 
> (e.g. 'High' and 'Low' conditions). Therefore, this changed my study 
> into a 2x2 design though I was able to modify the code to ignore files 
> that were missing when the script tried to look for such files 
> associated with a 2x2 design. Would this have any impact on the final 
> output?
No, it won't affect the results.

By "VAR2" I meant the second independent variable in a study design. It 
doesn't require to be called like this. I intended to use any conditions 
as a second IV.
Eric, could you upload somewhere some of your sets including study 
design? I could check and fix the script to run with your designs. I 
will also test it on different designs on my data.

*Important!* I've just noticed that this script works fine when the 
sampling freq is set to 256Hz as I usually do.
I will fix it soon to read any sampling freq and post it again.

PS. Makoto, honestly, I was thinking about writing a plugin from some 
time. Moreover, I've also coded averaged ERP window export for 
electrodes and clusters.
I will take a look at the scripts again, and think seriously about 
making a plugin.

Mirek Wyczesany
Psychophysiology Lab
Jagiellonian University
Kraków, PL

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