[Eeglablist] Streaming EEG data from Neuroscan Synamp II via Lab Streaming Layer

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Hi Christian,

Thanks for the reply. The amplifier is connected directly (not over the network), but I currently do not have the Access SDK (which does require an extra license), so that must be the problem. I was just going off of the LSL wiki for Neuroscan that I referenced in my previous email, so I didn’t know if I needed it or not.  Thanks for the clarification!


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Hi Jonathan,

I haven't heard from any other Synamp II user before, so you might be the first. In order to use this interface you first need to "Install the Access SDK and license dongle" (citing the documentation), which I presume might require an extra license to get access to the data from a 3rd party program (e.g., that's the way it is with the EGI AmpServer). Furthermore, if your amplifier is connected via a network connection then you need to put its IP address in the address field (documentation says: "In the case of synamp2/RT the parameter is ignored. For network amplifiers the valid IP address of the amplifier is required"). I'm assuming that this is not the case in your situation, right?


On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 12:01 PM, Manring, Jonathan - 0552 - MITLL <Jonathan.Manring at ll.mit.edu<mailto:Jonathan.Manring at ll.mit.edu>> wrote:
Hello EEGLab list,

I have a question about live streaming data from the Neuroscan Synamp II into the EEGLab plugin BCILab. If anyone has experience with or knowledge of using the Neuroscan with BCILab/ EEGLab, I would appreciate any guidance you can provide, as I’ve been unable to find help anywhere else.

I have followed the instructions on the Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) wiki (here: http://code.google.com/p/labstreaminglayer/wiki/Neuroscan). I verified that the Neuroscan was connected to the computer correctly by viewing the live streaming EEG signals in Curry 7 (the Neuroscan software). However, when I click “link” in the LSL Neuroscan app, I get the error, “Could not initialize the Neuroscan interface: Could not connect to the amplifier. Is it turned on and does it have a valid license?"

I’m using the LSL distribution for MATLAB, version 1.05. I am using the LSL app for the Neuroscan Synamp, version 1.05. Thanks for any pointers you can provide!


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