[Eeglablist] Problem with BrainMovie3d and Dipplot

Iman M.Rezazadeh irezazadeh at ucdavis.edu
Wed Aug 6 16:34:12 PDT 2014


I have had a difficult time to run 'brainmovie3d' function. Basically, I
calculated the required input arguments for it using 'timef' and 'newcrossf'
functions and then call 'brainmovie3d':


[ersps{1,1},itcs{1,1},powbase,times,freqs] =  timef(icaact(1,:),2000,[0
2000],1000,0); %     1st comp

[ersps{2,1},itcs{2,1},powbase,times,freqs] =  timef(icaact(2,:),2000,[0
2000],1000,0); %     2nd comp


newcrossf( icaact(1,:),icaact(2,:), 2000,[0 2000], 1000,0,'nfreqs',256);
%type', 'phasecoher', 

coh_cell={[] coh};  cohangles_cell={[] cohangles};




'brainmovie3d' function goes  smoothly until it gets to the point that it
wants to call 'dipplot' function. The first input argument of 'dipplot' is
'dipstruct' which SHOULD have xyz coordinates of selected components.
HOWEVER in 'brainmovie3d' function and according to its Help, coordinates
are  2-column array of [x y] coordinates of the selected components.  


Does anyone have any thoughts about this issue?





Iman M.Rezazadeh, Ph.D


Research Associate II 

Semel Intitute, UCLA , Los Angeles

& Center for Mind and Brain, UC DAVIS, Davis






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