[Eeglablist] waking up: my first question to whom it concerns

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Fri Jan 9 07:50:43 PST 2015

Dear fellow EEGLAB colleagues,

I have a subscription to this list for quite a few years but up till now only digested the posts that might be of interest to the work we do.

This is my first real question:
One of the areas we are working on is improving current methods for cleaning up EEGs recorded in an fMRI environment. To date, we focused on gradient artefact correction (based upon Allen's "Average Artefact Subtraction" and all its extensions that later have been proposed in literature). We are wondering if there is any widely used public domain method (preferably in EEGLAB) that we could use as a reference. Later, we also will take the pulse artefact (or Ballistocardiogram) into consideration. I am aware of the fact that there are commercial products that do this, like BrainVision, but we prefer to use public domain methods...

Thanks for your help in advance!

Pierre J.M. Cluitmans PhD
Associate professor, Signal Processing Systems Group
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Senior Scientific Staff Member
Kempenhaeghe, Expertise Center for Epilepsy, Sleep Medicine and Neurocognition

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5600MB Eindhoven, the Netherlands
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