[Eeglablist] Error with channel edit GUI

Stephen Politzer-Ahles spa268 at nyu.edu
Thu Jan 15 21:07:41 PST 2015

Hi all,

I used to use eeglab12_0_2_5b, and with my data and that version of EEGLAB,
after importing a file I could in the GUI navigate to Edit > Channel
Locations, and it would then bring up a window that would automatically
look up the channel locations (based on the channel names) from a BESA
template (it was equivalent to running

> EEG=pop_chanedit(EEG,
> 'lookup','C:\\Users\\lingadmin\\Documents\\MATLAB\\eeglab12_0_2_5b\\plugins\\dipfit2.2\\standard_BESA\\standard-10-5-cap385.elp');
> )

Recently, though, I updated to eeglab13_4_4b, and MATLAB 2014b (previously
I was using 2014a). Now when I go to the channel edit GUI, I get the
following error message:

IMPORTANT: After importing/modifying data channels, you must close
> the channel editing window for the changes to take effect in EEGLAB.
> TIP: Call this function directy from the prompt, ">> pop_chanedit([]);"
>      to convert between channel location file formats

> Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible to logical scalar
> values.
> Error in pop_chanedit (line 163)
> if isempty(chans) || ~ishandle(chans)
> Error in pop_chanedit (line 225)
>         [chans chaninfo urchans com] = pop_chanedit(chans, chaninfo,
> 'lookupgui', []);
> Error while evaluating Menu Callback

Calling pop_chanedit from the command line, however, still works.


Stephen Politzer-Ahles
New York University, Abu Dhabi
Neuroscience of Language Lab
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