[Eeglablist] bug in pop_chanedit

Kaare Mikkelsen mikkelsen.kaare at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 03:11:17 PST 2015

Dear mailing list. It seems I have discovered an error in pop_chanedit. If
not, I would very much appreciate instructions regarding how to use it

When deleting a set of channels from my data set I instead get an error


>> EEGtempL=pop_chanedit(EEGtempL,'delete',chanIdxsToRemove);

Wrong channel structure size, changes ignored


The error message is given by 923 in pop_chanedit, and is caused by a check
of whether the number of channels has changed (nchansori == length(chans),
l. 916). But since this is a "delete" call, naturally chansori is not equal
to length(chans). It seems to be an error that this check is performed
after l. 580 where the channels were removed.

I am using eeglab13_4_3b.

Kaare Mikkelsen

Kaare Mikkelsen, Dr. Phys.
Department of Engineering
Aarhus University
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