[Eeglablist] Error in "meanepoch" function

Stephen Politzer-Ahles spa268 at nyu.edu
Mon Jan 26 18:01:22 PST 2015

Hello Roni,

I have not used t his function, and I'm not sure what error message you are
getting. But just a guess: are you sure your epoch includes the 1000 ms
timepoint? If I recall correctly, the end-of-epoch bounds (when you use
pop_epoch) are exclusive---i.e., if you specify epoch limits as [-.2 1],
then the last sample of your epoch will be the one right before 1000ms,
which would be 999 ms if your sampling rate was 1000 Hz. You can check what
the end of your epoch is using EEG.times(end) or EEG.xmax. If your last
sample is 999 ms, that would explain why you can't get a mean for 800-1000


Stephen Politzer-Ahles
New York University, Abu Dhabi
Neuroscience of Language Lab

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 4:48 PM, Roni Shafir <ronishafir1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm using the "meanepoch" function in my MATLAB code to get mean
> amplitudes of every single trial between 800-1000 ms. The epoch time is
> defined as -200 ms (baseline) to 1000 ms.
> I'm receiving an error massage. Importantly, when I change the input
> latency of the function to 800-999, everything works fine.
> How can I get mean amplitudes between 800 and the end of the epoch (1000)?
> Would appreciate your help!
> Roni
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