[Eeglablist] Brain Visions 32-Channel Location File

Spencer Lynn spencer.lynn at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 12:30:37 PST 2015

Hi Nicole,
I had a similar problem with my 10/20-based 32 channel ActiChamp BrainVision rig. The default/downloaded montage file for PyCorder did not have the correct channel numbers mapped to the physical channels of the cap. So, for example, on my caps Cz is physical channel 14, but PyCorder was labeling that channel as P3). In my case, EEGLAB was doing everything correctly (looking up the coordinates based on the 10/20 electrode names), but I was passing it mis-named montage information from PyCorder. In PyCorder, the fix was to edit the channel labels (PyCorder has a menu option for this). For a couple of EEGs that I recorded prior to figuring out what the problem was, the fix was to edit the vhdr files, as Berry described, but with the correct labels in place, like:

Best regards,
Spencer Lynn
Department of Psychology
Northeastern University
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