[Eeglablist] what is the difference between eegfilt and eegfiltfft

静水深流 123975520 at qq.com
Sat Feb 7 00:19:51 PST 2015


I encountered a problem when filtering the epoched data (the frame per epoch is 2000 and the sample rate is 500 Hz) with a highpass of 2 Hz. It was ok to use the eegfiltfft(data, 500, 2, []), but was wrong to use the eegfilt(data, 500, 2, []). However, It was ok to use the eegfilt(data, 500, 3, []). I am wondering why cannot filter the data with a highpass of < 3 Hz. Moreover, what the difference between eegfiltfft and eegfilt?  Thanks.

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