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Hello Laxmi,
​ hoping the info listed below helps you a bit. You can easily search for
and find most items you need via google or google scholar. Cheers, Tarik


Consider checking out these
​below ​
source estimation in the following books:
*You can search for them on Google Books

   1. Electroencephalography: basic principles, clinical applications, and
   related fields
   2. EEG/ERP Analysis: Methods and Applications
   3. Brain Signal Analysis: Advances in Neuroelectric and Neuromagnetic
   4. Handbook of Neural Activity Measurement
   5. Handbook of Psychophysiology

​Consider checking out

​some of
​ example
​journal articles

​below ​
on Google Scholar

   1. A survey of methods used for source localization using EEG signals
   2. Review on solving the inverse problem in EEG source analysis
   3. Review on solving the forward problem in EEG source analysis
   4. EEG source connectivity analysis: from dense array recordings to
   brain networks
   5. Towards the utilization of EEG as a brain imaging tool
   6. EEG source imaging
   7. Forward and inverse problems of EEG dipole localization.
   8. Source connectivity analysis with MEG and EEG
   9. EEG/MEG source imaging: methods, challenges, and open issues
   10. EEG source imaging in epilepsy—practicalities and pitfalls
   11. Forward and inverse electroencephalographic modeling in health and
   in acute traumatic brain injury
   12. An Introduction to EEG Source Analysis with an illustration of a
   study on Error-Related Potentials

here are always new articles
using source analysis methods or dealing with problems in source analysis
lthough these are beyond "basic readings"
​, they often review the current status and problems in the field.
​Here are just a few recent examples below:

   1. EEG extended source localization: tensor-based vs. conventional
   2. Bayesian model selection of template forward models for EEG source
   3. EEG source imaging of brain states using spatiotemporal regression
   4. Sparse weightings for collapsing inverse solutions to cortical
   parcellations optimize M/EEG source reconstruction accuracy
   5. How to use fMRI functional localizers to improve EEG/MEG source
   6. A performance study of various brain source imaging approaches
   7. Source-space ICA for EEG source separation, localization, and
   time-course reconstruction
   8. Time-frequency mixed-norm estimates: sparse M/EEG imaging with
   non-stationary source activations
   9. Effects of forward model errors on EEG source localization
   10. Large-scale EEG/MEG source localization with spatial flexibility
   11. DYNAMO: Concurrent dynamic multi-model source localization method
   for EEG and/or MEG

*search for
​the following full issue ​
on Google
​from Hindawai Publishers, reviews major academic tools for EEG/MEG source

Academic Software Applications for Electromagnetic Brain Mapping Using MEG
and EEG

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