[Eeglablist] Using Topoplot() function for Non-ICA data

Neha Tadimeti nehatadimeti at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 06:21:30 PST 2015


I am a graduate student at Rutgers University. I am currently doing a
research on EEG - BCI data.

I have calculated the mean and standard deviation of the distribution for
each electrode data for each trial. Now I wish to visualize how the spread
(Standard deviation) is changing across trials at each electrode on the
brain. I basically want to color code the brain with standard deviation as
its parameter.

I tried using topoplot() function as a command line by giving my parameters
as input instead of ICA data. It does not work that way.

Can anybody suggest if EEGLAB can help me plot 2-D or 3-D images of non-ICA
data. If not, I would really appreciate if any alternative methods are

Thank you.

Neha Tadimeti.
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