[Eeglablist] pop_eegfiltnew() error

井澤考史 ko.izawa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 21:06:56 PST 2015

Dear EEGLAB team,

Thank you for your providing amazing tool. I am a beginner researcher of
I tried to filtering function of EEGLAB, but the following message came up.

Could you provide your any suggestion, if you have any idea to solve the

------ message ------
EEGLAB error in function pop_eegfiltnew() at line 218:

Attempt to execute SCRIPT freqz as a function:
------ message ------

------ command window ---------
EDU>> eeglab
eeglab: options file is ~/eeg_options.m
EEGLAB: adding "Fileio" to the path; subfolders (if any) might be missing
from the path
EEGLAB: adding "dipfit" v2.3 (see >> help eegplugin_dipfit)
EEGLAB: adding "firfilt" v1.6.1 (see >> help eegplugin_firfilt)
You are using the latest version of EEGLAB.
pop_loadset(): loading file /Users/koji/Documents/MATLAB/eeglab_data.set ...
Creating a new ALLEEG dataset 1
pop_eegfiltnew() - performing 425 point highpass filtering.
pop_eegfiltnew() - transition band width: 1 Hz
pop_eegfiltnew() - passband edge(s): 1 Hz
pop_eegfiltnew() - cutoff frequency(ies) (-6 dB): 0.5 Hz
------ command window ---------

My operation is following only 3 steps.
1. File -> Load existing dataset
2. Tools -> Filter the data -> Basic FIR Filter
3. Enter 1 in the Lower edge box and push OK.

My environment is below.
EEGLAB : v13.4.4b with Signal Processing toolbox
Matlab : Student version R2014a
EEG data : eeglab_data.set (4MB provided in the EEGLAB site)

Best Regard
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