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Guruprasad Madhale Jadav guruprasadjadav at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 9 02:58:56 PDT 2015

Hi,    I am Guruprasad Madhale Jadav, an engineer and a PhD student in the Techniki Fakultet, University of Rijeka, Croatia. I am working with EEGlab, Matlab and BCI 2000 to do some basic experiments with EEG and ERP in the field of signal processing.    I am interested to buy some entry level research grade EEG equipment for our lab within a price range of 2000 $, I have Emotiv's EEG reserach headset and I was looking for a little better equipment that would best suite our needs.    Any suggestion based on your personal experience and research is appreciated.
Best Regards,Guruprasad Madhale Jadav 		 	   		  
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