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Hello Ilaria, hoping the below helps you. Please share your eventual
solution when possible, thank you. All the best!


Most M/EEG software with source estimation capacities has functions for
going to MNI space.

Try contacting the vendor's (EGI) support team for suggestions, and look
through their manuals for information about the coordinate system of their
sfp files, which I believe are 3D cartesian. Please also examine the
pop_writelocs function in eeglab, which allows transformations of channel
locations across various formats (though

You may also search google for eeglablist questions related to your
question, for example:


 The dipfit function, from Fieldtrip and used in Eeglab, does a
registration of electrode locations to a head volume for dipole
localization purposes, and I believe that involves a conversion of
electrode locations to an MNI space, using 10-5 locations from Oostenveld.

See for some info: http://sccn.ucsd.edu/wiki/A08:_DIPFIT

You may be interested in the following 2 articles: A few other articles can
easily be found on Google Scholar.

Three-dimensional probabilistic anatomical cranio-cerebral correlation via
the international 10–20 system oriented for transcranial functional brain

10/20, 10/10, and 10/5 systems revisited: Their validity as relative
head-surface-based positioning systems

 You may also benefit from reviewing the following pages related mention
channel locations and head volumes, wherein you might find out about
functions that do what you need.



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