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Hello Jadav. Some thoughts that might be useful below. Cheers!
For a good-enough research-grade system with at least 8 gel electrodes, you
may have to pay at least ~$5000. Overall, you're better off sinking money
into a better cleaner signal at the beginning, rather than dealing with the
dirt and problems afterwards with a lot of signal processing magic. Please
have a look at early chapters of Luck's ERP handbook if you have not had a
chance to yet. See Cognionics and Neuroelectrics eeg systems as two
examples you may want to consider. They have a low price range for sparse
systems I believe. See also sparse-EEG offerings from major vendors such as
Brain Products or EGI or Cortech for comparison, although they are likely
out of your price range. My recommendation is to be very skeptical about
any dry or "easy to put on" or "high-impedance" systems. Thus far, there is
little to NO research in major journals empirically comparing various new
EEG systems for  quality under various conditions, and vendors tend to
oversell their products without providing data to back up their claims
about the interchangeability of their signals with research-grade EEG. It
is likely that cheap mobile systems of great quality are still about 5
years off. It is also likely that a new generation of researchers stuck
with these new EEG systems will be forced to develop new methods to deal
with issues specific to these new systems, which could in the end benefit
the whole eeg community (e.g., bcilab). Thanks for your attention & good
luck with the process.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 5:58 AM, Guruprasad Madhale Jadav <
guruprasadjadav at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>     I am Guruprasad Madhale Jadav, an engineer and a PhD student in the
> Techniki Fakultet, University of Rijeka, Croatia. I am working with EEGlab,
> Matlab and BCI 2000 to do some basic experiments with EEG and ERP in the
> field of signal processing.
>     I am interested to buy some entry level research grade EEG equipment
> for our lab within a price range of 2000 $, I have Emotiv's EEG reserach
> headset and I was looking for a little better equipment that would best
> suite our needs.
>     Any suggestion based on your personal experience and research is
> appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Guruprasad Madhale Jadav
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