[Eeglablist] Baseline for ERSP

Thornton, David M dthornt9 at uthsc.edu
Mon Mar 16 05:45:41 PDT 2015

Hello EEGLAB Community,

My name is David Thornton, I'm currently working on a PhD at the University of Tennessee, looking at auditory neurophysiology.

I'm having a baseline correction issue, in that the baseline is currently absorbing a button push response that is throwing off my ERSP analysis. I've shifted the baseline within my trial interval, but the problem still remains.

So my question is this: is there an acceptable minimum length of a baseline? My time window for analysis is 4 seconds long. The rule for general ERPs is about 20% of the total length of the window, but I have been unable to find such a guideline for ERSPs.

Any help/advice is appreciated!

David T
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