[Eeglablist] Error trying to run the compiled eeglabhist

Gilliano Menezes gillianomenezes at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 11:15:17 PDT 2015

Hi guys!

I'm trying to compile in matlab a previous saved datase history script
(egglabhist.m) to generates an executable that simply do what is registered
in that script file whenever I run the .exe file. I run in matlab the

mcc -m -v eeglabhist.m

And it generates a file called "eeglabhist.exe" as expected. However, when
I try to run it, I get this error message:

>  Error using fgets
> Invalid file identifier.  Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.

Error in fgetl (line 34)
> Error in physicalunits (line 49)
> Error in sopen (line 10661)
> Error in pop_biosig>readfile (line 223)
> Error in pop_biosig (line 153)
> Error in eeglabhist (line 4)
> MATLAB:FileIO:InvalidFid

My "eeglabhist.m" script is simple as follow:

% EEGLAB history file generated on the 23-Mar-2015
> % ------------------------------------------------
> EEG = pop_biosig('data.EDF');

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Could you guys give me a little help?

Thanks in advance!
Gilliano Menezes
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