[Eeglablist] Error when plotting Channel ERP Image for certain markers

Jessica Satterwhite jessksat at nmsu.edu
Mon Mar 30 12:53:07 PDT 2015

Good afternoon,

When trying to plot the Channel ERP Image for certain epochs, I am receiving an error stating that "value must be a 1 by 2 vector of numeric type in which the 2nd element is larger than the first and may be Inf. (Error occurred in function LocSetLimits() at Line 200). This is only showing up for some epochs while others let me plot the image. With the same epoched data that gave me an error when plotting the Channel ERP Image, I am able to plot other ERP graphs such as Channel ERP's with scalp maps. Is this an error with the markers I made to epoch the data? Does anyone know how to resolve this error?

Any help anyone could give me would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Jessica Satterwhite
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