[Eeglablist] exporting single trial mean voltages

Angel Tabullo angeltabullo at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 27 05:17:05 PDT 2015

Hi everyone!
This is a rather basic question, but I hope it will be easy to answer. EEGLAB has a function to export voltage values for each time point of every epoch, and it also allows to export the average of all epochs, for every single time point. I'd like to ask you if there is a function (or script) that would allow to export only mean voltage values within a specific time-window (for instance, 300 - 500 ms) for every epoch. 
My goal is to analyze particular components (like N400) from a psycholinguistics experiment with a regression model that includes factors like word frequency, length, surprisal and sentence constraint strength and entropy. Therefore, I need N400 measures for every sentence (epoch). 
Many thanks!
Angel Tabullo
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