[Eeglablist] How can I import .cnt from EEProbe?

Eric HG erichg2013 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 11:14:07 PDT 2015

Hi everybody,

I've been trying to import .cnt files from EEProbe using anteimport v1.10
with the following files:
eegplugin_eepimport.m, loadeep_avg.m, loadeep.m, pop_loadeep_avg.m,
pop_loadeep.m, read_eep_avr.dll, read_eep_avr.m, read_eep_cnt.dll,

and since I use mac I inserted the following files (from
http://robertoostenveld.nl/eeprobe/): read_eep_avr.mexmac,
and read_eep_cnt.mexmac

But MATLAB gives me the following error: "Compiled import function (mex
format) not available for your operating system"

Does anyone know what the problem might be?


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