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I do not have experience at Matlab.
I am trying to create a study but I am having problems. When I download the
dataset, the subject, session, condition and group are empty.
But when I filled it, and the I precompute channel measures for study the
results are all messy!

I have 7 subjects where each one do two different tasks. In the first task
the subject moves the right arm, then the the left arm and finally, both
arms. The second task the subject moves the right hand, then the the left
hand and finally, both hands.

I would like to do, arm vs hand spectral power comparison and also a scalp
distribution of event-related desynchronization (ERD)  and event-related
synchronization (ERS) of beta and mu bands in association with movements of
the right, lef and both arm and hand.

It is possible to do a time-frequency, for multi subjects, for more than
one channel?

Thank you very much for your help.

*Rita Gouveia*


*Rita Gouveia*
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