[Eeglablist] ERSP and ERP analyse using MPT clustering method

Mohammed Jarjees m.jarjees.1 at research.gla.ac.uk
Mon May 11 02:46:30 PDT 2015


I want to cluster my 61 electrodes EEG data for three groups of people each group has 10 subjects and each subjects has three conditions.
I would like to analyse ERSP and ERP and to use MPT clustering method. MPT suggest to use one feature at the time, so I will create separate studies for ERSP and ERP. I would like to be able to compare clustering of ERSP and of ERP as these two variables might not necessarily have the same clusters.

My questions are:
1. Should I select the same ICAs for ERP and ERSP?  Though this might sound a common sense, by visual inspection of ICAs I've noticed that some ICs have very strong ERP while not much is going on in ERSP and vice-versa, some have very little ERP with strong ERSP. Therefore taking common components for both might blur  results for both ERP and ERSP.
2. In case I should not use the same components, may I produce two ICs sets, one filtered at 0.1Hz for ERP and the other filtered with 1Hz for ERSP. That is because filtering with 1Hz for ERSP really helps removing a baseline drift and I get clearer ICs then when filtering with 0.1 Hz (which is necessary should I analyse ERP)?
Would I still be able to compare spatial locations of ERP and ERSP clusters?

Thank you very much for your help.
Best regards,

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