[Eeglablist] std_erpimage error mesage

Li, Lucia M lucia.li at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Jun 8 08:40:38 PDT 2015

Dear eeglab users & experts,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me decipher this error message.

I have datasets from 12 people which I wish to combine into a study. There are 15 different bin types.

Having created my study by loading all the datasets in, I tried to "precompute channel measures". I attempted to pre-compute: ERP, Power spectrum, ERP-image, ERSP & ITCs. I clicked 'Test' as well to make sure that the parameters I entered produced sensible results. All other options I left as default ('Spherical interpolation' ticked, 'Remove ICA artifactual components pre-tagged' and 'Remove artifactual ICA cluster' unticked).

Unfortunately, the pre-compute throws up this error message:

"The default number of ERPimage lines is too large for one of the dataset, {Error occurred in function std_erpimage() at line 169'

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is. I have also tried to pre-compute with fewer bin types and it's worked perfectly.

My two thoughts about why the full study won't precompute properly:
- some of the bins overlap e.g. a bin for responses from the first half of the task, and a bin for left hand responses from the first half of the task
- some bins have <10 trials

Any thoughts and help on this matter greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

L M Li
Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellow
Imperial College London
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