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Sorry for long email but this is because I couldn't attach photos and also
very confused!

I'm new to EEGlab and can't see channel labels because the data I'm
analyzing gathered with 32 channel cap and BIOSEMI but there are extra
channels up to 45 and I don't know if my analysis would be OK if I drop
some of channels.

my problem starts when I go to ''dataset info'' in menu and want to add
''channel location'' which is in the sample folder of eeglab.

I don't have enough information abou the data just I know reference is
''mastoid electrodes'' and while importing I choose channel 37 & 38 (As for
EXG7 & 8), tho I'm not sure if it can be EXG5 & 6 or how important is the
reference for analysis.

Now I don't know which electrode to put as reference, as in EEGLAB in the
start the reference should be defined. Then when I choose 37 & 38 at first
as reference I can't see channel location and I receive an error ''edit
dataset info'' and the only thing missing is there is ''channel location
file or info''. The real problem starts when I choose the 32 channel
location in the ''sample_data'' and after that, in my data set info I see
''unknown'' as for my reference and also ''channel location'' in ''plot''
menu turn to disabled.

Then I want to do ''re_reference'' and channel info close to ''Re-reference
data to channels'' doesn't give me channel list and I put 37 & 38 as
reference and of course I check the ''retain old ...'' box, then I have
again ''unknown'' for my reference!

Then I gave up and continue with disabled items in my plot menu such as
''channel location'', ''channel ERP image'', etc.

Again while I plot channel spectra and maps (the very few items available
to me), I have* a saw like signal* not like normal signal without 2-D head
maps (just power-frequency graph) and I can not edit frequency ranges to

Please help me with this. I got stuck and can't go forward.

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