[Eeglablist] bug pop_runica

Tina Moeckel Moeckel at ifado.de
Mon Jun 29 04:59:32 PDT 2015

Dear EEGLAB Users,

I have a problem with pop_runica. After running the ICA, EEG.icaact is still empty.  I receive an error warning ("inconsistent number of trials in raw data structure") when I try to run a function that tries to use data from EEG.icaact. We tried to solve the problem by adding the following loop:
for i=1:EEG.trials
After that EEG.icaact is filled with the appropriate data. However, when running another function or eeg_checkset the program empties EEG.icaact again and gives the same error warning as described above.

Kind regards,
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