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Fri Jun 26 12:56:16 PDT 2015

Hello Rajyalakshmi, Hoping you are well and that you find the note
below helpful. All the best.

Overall, it depends on your budget and needs. You probably want to try
some of the main EEG companies out there such as EGI, Brain Products,
G-tec, and others. There are also wireless EEG companies, for example,
Cognionics or Advanced Brain Monitoring. You can google search any of
the companies mentioned above., there are others.

A good step is being familiar with high-quality research studies and
the EEG systems they use - use Google Scholar to find the best recent
studies. Try staying away from "consumer-grade" or "gaming" EEG
companies, and try to use a gel-electrode system with at least 32
electrodes.  If you've never worked with EEG you should consult
closely with an expert and get training. You may also want to check
out the few existing reviews that compare systems, such as the titles
listed below. These and others can be found via google scholar.

Review of Applications for Wireless Brain-Computer Interface Systems

Wearable, wireless EEG Solutions in daily life applications: what are
we missing?

On Mon, Jun 22, 2015 at 2:47 AM, Rajyalakshmi Matta
<rajyalakshmiphd at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear researchers and experts,
>    I am working on BCI to find the language of thought and for this can any
> one suggest the best suitable EEG headset.
> thanks in advance.
> M. Rajya Lakshmi
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