[Eeglablist] T-F analysis, help with frequency range

Clemens DICKHUT clemens.dickhut at uni.lu
Mon Jul 20 00:46:08 PDT 2015

Hi Xianghong,

if you are using the imagesc function to plot, you just need to adjust the axis parameters,
for example

imagesc((analysis.ERP.times), (ERP.freqs), GROUP_ERSP)
axis([-700 700 2 50])
title('ERSP Congruent' ,'FontSize',17);

if you use the newtimef function you have to specify the parameters in the function, such as ‘maxfreq':



On 17 Jul 2015, at 00:34, Xianghong <xianghong at hmri.org<mailto:xianghong at hmri.org>> wrote:


I try to use their time-frequency analysis, by using the plot/time-frequency transforms/channel time-frequency. However, the figure generated only show the frequency range of 15-50 Hz. We want to see the range at least from 1 Hz to 50 Hz, how to rescale the T-F plot?


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