[Eeglablist] bug pop_runica

Makoto Miyakoshi mmiyakoshi at ucsd.edu
Thu Jul 2 17:49:46 PDT 2015

Dear Tina,

I encountered the same problem before. However, the error message you got
indicates that it could be still different from what I know. Therefore I
suggest the most likely solution first to see if it works. My confidence is

Check whether eeg_option file is correctly generated and stored in your
local harddisk (my document or whatever root folder EEGLAB specifies). If
it is not generated and saved properly, you may have trouble.


On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 4:59 AM, Tina Moeckel <Moeckel at ifado.de> wrote:

>  Dear EEGLAB Users,
>  I have a problem with pop_runica. After running the ICA, EEG.icaact is
> still empty.  I receive an error warning ("inconsistent number of trials
> in raw data structure") when I try to run a function that tries to use data
> from EEG.icaact. We tried to solve the problem by adding the following loop:
> for i=1:EEG.trials
> EEG.icaact(:,:,i)=(EEG.icaweights*EEG.icasphere)*EEG.data(EEG.icachansind,:,i);
> end;
> After that EEG.icaact is filled with the appropriate data. However, when
> running another function or eeg_checkset the program empties EEG.icaact
> again and gives the same error warning as described above.
>  Kind regards,
> Tina
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Makoto Miyakoshi
Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
Institute for Neural Computation, University of California San Diego
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