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basile pinsard basile.pinsard at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 12:18:11 PDT 2015

Hi EEGlab fmrib plugin developer,

I am now looking at the fmrib pulse artifact correction.

It seems that the function takes EEG structure and is going to apply
correction to all channels, including ECG if not removed, if I am right. As
they are processed independently I suppose that it doesn't matter to do
that, except that it might destroy ECG.

In fact, I wonder if it really corrects all the channels, as in the code of
fmrib_pas line 170, the for loops from channels 1 to channels-2, while for
the other methods it goes through all the channels.
Fitted artifact is then zero for the last 2 channels.
Is there any specific reason for that? Was that because last 2 were ECG
channels in your configuration?

My other question is about qrs peaks, once detected (and corrected with
qrscorrect), there are duplicates events at the same time. I wonder if it
could cause problems during bcg correction.
I am also trying to further correct for false positives and negatives as
some RR intervals are to high or low.

Thanks for you insight on these questions.

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