[Eeglablist] Issues with ICA

Edward Wiskers edwardwiskers at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 08:51:07 PDT 2015

Hi everyone,

I have the following issue:

Fist of all, in the "Run ICA decomposition" window (that is related from
"Run ICA" option), there are some algorithms, e.g., binica. I observed that
some of those algorithms are gray, while others are blue. Thus, my question:

-Does the colour means that the algorithm able to handle the data? If yes,
then what algorithm colour reflects that the algorithm working with
particular data?

My second issue is related to using ICA itself; in order to be able using
"Reject data using ICA", I have to activate "Run ICA" first. Thus, after
selecting "Run ICA", in the popup window "Run ICA decomposition", I
selected the "binica" algorithm since runica algorithm has gray colour.
After that, I selected several chanel from the "channels" button. Then
small window asked me to "Press button to interrupt runica ()". After doing
so, I got the following error message:

(Error occurred in function reunica () at line 840).

Anyone has idea about solving this matter?

NB: I had same error message with choosing runica algorithm on the same

Kind regards,
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