[Eeglablist] pop_spectopo specified channels, winsize and nfft

alessandro.marassi at libero.it alessandro.marassi at libero.it
Sun Aug 2 14:46:50 PDT 2015

I have to plot single channel spectra computed in specified epochs' time ranges such as:
pop_spectopo(EEG, 1, [-1000      0], 'EEG' , 'percent', 15, 'freqrange', [2 25], 'electrodes','off'

Is it possible to plot with pop_spectopo only specified channels as they may be chosen in:
[spectra,freqs] = spectopo(EEG.data(8,:), 0, EEG.srate, 'winsize', 256, 'nfft', 512); %
possibly setting as well winsize and nfft in the same way as with the above spectopo call?

As regards channels I tried to follow what has been suggested in:
using an additional parameter " 'mapchans', 1:10 ", but without success.

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