[Eeglablist] Empty scalp topography: "save in matlab v7.3" causes error in std_readtopo for linked .icatopo files

Kevin Tan kevintan at cmu.edu
Thu Aug 6 19:49:31 PDT 2015

Hi all,

Selecting "write files in matlab v6.5" will get rid of "empty scalp
topography" error when working with ICs in STUDY sets.

Deselecting eeglab option "write files in matlab v6.5" (thus saving in
matlab v7.3) causes error in line 103 of std_readtopo:

Empty scalp topography file - also necessary for ERP polarity' 10 'Try
> recomputing scalp topographies for components

This only occurs in linked .icatopo files. When a set has the same
components as other sets in a STUDY, std_precomp saves a "linked" .icatopo
file to save space. The linked .icatopo is saved through std_savedat. The
only difference in saving linked .icatopo in v6.5 versus v7.3 is the order
of the fields "file" and "datafile", plus v6.5 is significantly smaller in

For whatever reason, saving in v7.3 causes read error in std_readtopo,
probably due to its subfunction correctfile. It also causes warnings that
variables in lines 86-88 can't be found.

This is on Ubuntu 14.4LTS & Matlab 2014a.

I will submit a bug report but adding this to d-list will make this
Google-able for people who encounter this before it's patched.

Kevin Alastair M. Tan
Lab Manager/Research Assistant
Department of Psychology & Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Carnegie Mellon University

Baker Hall 434
 | kevintan at cmu.edu | tarrlab.org/kevintan
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