[Eeglablist] newtimef window length

Cigir Kalfaoglu cigirkalfaoglu at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 01:44:36 PST 2017

It probably has an easy answer but here is my question:
When I apply the newtimef function with varwin [3 0], the wavelet used
should contain 3 cycles in all frequencies applied. I am interested in
extracting spectral power in 3Hz oscillations. So I use the below code:

[ersp_full, itc, powbase, times] = newtimef(data, ...
    length(data), ...
    [-5000 1000], ... % Yes, I have an epoch length of 6 seconds.
    256, ...
    varwin, [3 0], ...
    'baseline',[-5000 -200],...

The sliding window size is returned as 1113.28ms. However, 3 complete
cycles of a 3Hz wave spans (3cycles * 1000ms / 3cycles = ) 1000ms.
I can't seem to figure out where then the extra 113.28ms comes from.
Can some one please point me in the right direction for the answer?

Thanks in advance,
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