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Grusha Prasad grusha.prasad at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 14:05:04 PST 2017


I am currently running a really long ERP experiment that requires me to
collect data from participants across two different sessions. Within each
session, I also have multiple recordings (for when the participant needed
to take a break or use the bathroom). While analyzing the data, I want to
average across all these recordings (from both the sessions). However, I
was planning to pre-process the data, create individual .erp files and get
the values for each file individually. Then I was going to average across
these values in R at a later stage.

Given this, I had a question: When I interpolate the channels, do the
channels have to be consistent across all parts for both sessions? For
instance, if I found that for a certain participant channels 1 and 2 were
problematic in session 1 but not session 2, do I need to still interpolate
the channels in session 2 also for consistency? Or can I interpolate it
only for session 1?

Thank you!
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