[Eeglablist] Heatplot generation using EEGLab

Sai Vishal Daripelli saivishal at suven.com
Sun Jan 15 20:09:26 PST 2017

Hi Everyone,
We are working on changes in the local field potential in hippocampus of 
rats after drug treatment. The study protocol involves stimulating nPO 
region with current ranging from 20 to 120mA, and recording EEG from CA1 
region of hippocampus. Stimulations will be given 6s with 250Hz frequency 
for every 100s.

We are beginners for Matlab and EEGLab, need your help in generating the 
following graphs

1. We want to generate heatplot for a period covering 5s pre stimulus, 6s 
stimulation and 5s post stimulation period by taking pre-stimulus as a base 
line. The same will be generated for average of 5 to 10 stimulations 

2. Over a period of 2hours of study we will be having 72 stimulation 
periods. We want to generate Heatplot for 72 stimulations (5s period of each 
stimulation, 1st sec will be excluded for stimulation artifact removal) by 
taking first 18 as baseline. The same will be generated for average of 6-8 

we are able to generate heatplot for single stimulation period using EEGlab 
but generating graph by taking average of multiple stimulations was 
difficult for us, can anyone help us in generating the above mentioned 

For better understanding please go through the following link,

Thanking you and with best regards


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