[Eeglablist] FDR parameters

Nils Hachmeister nils.hachmeister at uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Jan 25 00:55:24 PST 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm using the study structure and aim to generate different plots 
including statistical testing (non-parametric) with multiple comparison 
correction, namely FDR. I used FDR before (in a context unrelated to 
eeglab) and it is my understanding that you pass a parameter alpha to 
it. FDR returns a (common) threshold for p-values which guarantees that 
the expected rate of type-I errors among all rejections of the 
0-hypothesis is smaller or equal to alpha.

Now, in the statistics menu in the eeglab gui and the documentation at 
I cannot really find that notion. There is no mention of a parameter nor 
any constraints regarding the rate of type-I errors. However, I noticed 
that when passing a value to the edit-field labeled threshold the 
results change pretty much in a way consistent with that field being 
used as FDR-alpha. But from the documentation I cannot confirm this 
assumption. Can anybody here confirm this?



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