[Eeglablist] EEG data structure error

Senaka Amarakeerthi senakahks at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 15:42:26 PST 2017

Dear members,

I am using an emotiveEEG headset and the signal was  converted to a BCILAB
compatible data structure.

It works fine with the following  code

* mrks ={'1','2'};*

* wnds = [0.25 0.3;0.3 0.35;0.35 0.4; 0.4 0.45;0.45 0.5;0.5 0.55;0.55 0.6];*

*myapproach = {'Windowmeans' 'SignalProcessing', {'EpochExtraction',[0
0.8],'SpectralSelection',[0.1 15]},

*[trainloss,lastmodel,laststats] =

But when i use folliowing approach, it gives and error.

* mrks ={'1','2'};*

*myapproach = {'Bandpower'

*[trainloss,lastmodel,laststats] =

The error is :

Error using arg_define>arguments_to_nvps (line 507)

Some of the specified arguments do not appear in the argument
specification; {'EventTypes', 'invalid

sequence of names and structs'}.

Error in arg_define (line 179)

        nvps =

Error in set_makepos (line 64)

Any help is highly appreciated.

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