[Eeglablist] Number of PCs to use in the FMRIB tools

Mariam Kostandyan Mariam.Kostandyan at UGent.be
Tue Mar 7 07:09:27 PST 2017

Dear all,

we are currently analyzing the data from a simultaneoues EEG-fMRI experiment in the Brain Vision Analyzer (BVA) with a little help from the EEGlab. To remove the BCG (cardioballistic) artefact we use the Pulse artefact correction in the BVA and ICAs. However, we also want to check whether we would profit from using the FMRIB tools: We run the Remove pulse artefact function in the FMRIB before and after the Pulse artefact correction in the BVA. The question is: what is the optimal number of the PCs to specify in the Optimal Basis Set. We use now 4 PCs before the Pulse artefact correction and 2 PCs after the Pulse artefact correction?.

Does the number of the specified PCs depend oh how big the data is?

We would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

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