[Eeglablist] automatized ICA data correction and channel interpolation

Gian Marco Duma gmduma90 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 07:58:13 PDT 2017

Dear EEGlab community, I'm writing because I need a suggestion. ICA works
very well for eye blink and eye movements correction, and indeed it works
very well too for artifacts identification as muscle contraction,
electrical noise and so on. Thanks to the experience it becomes possible to
recognize the specific components by visual inspection, even if an
experimenter must be very careful in components rejection. I submitted a
pre-registered reports to Cortex journal, and they asked me for an
automatized ICA components rejection method because visual inspection is
not considered as a reproducible method. So I'm writing to ask for a
suggetion about possible automatized components rejection methods,
specially for eye blink and eye movements.
Another question is about bad channel interpolation. In EEGlab there is the
kurtosis method but it does not work so good. Do you known any other
automatic method that recognize bad channel?
Thanks for your help
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