[Eeglablist] Computational Testing for Automated Preprocessing (CTAP) toolbox

Cowley, Ben ben.cowley at helsinki.fi
Wed Apr 12 03:07:07 PDT 2017

Dear all,

Cowley, Korpela, & Torniainen have recently published a new Matlab toolbox for large scale batch-scripted EEG pre-processing, called Computational Testing for Automated Preprocessing (CTAP) toolbox.

CTAP supports workflow management, and provides quality-assurance visualizations for all operations.

The main aim of CTAP is to facilitate exploratory EEG processing on many recordings, with one to many branches of the workflow to allow tree-like pipelines for comparison.

The toolbox incorporates quite a wide range of existing functions (and a couple of in-house as well) to detect blinks, bad channels, epochs/segments, and independent components; but it is designed to be highly modular and extensible, so you can easily add your own preferred methods.

CTAP is available now on github:


(We aim to run entirely without GUI, so for now there are no plans to make it an EEGLAB extension)

For details, see the paper

Cowley, B., Korpela, J., & Torniainen, J. E. (2017). Computational Testing for Automated Preprocessing: a Matlab toolbox to enable large scale electroencephalography data processing. PeerJ Computer Science, 3:e108. http://doi.org/10.7717/peerj-cs.108

Benjamin Cowley PhD
Docent, Cognitive Science unit, University of Helsinki.
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