[Eeglablist] amica1.5 - mismatch between GUI and input.param settings?

Heather Lucas hdlucas at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 20 17:26:19 PDT 2017

Hello all,

I recently began using amica1.5 as an eeglab plugin, and it appears to me
that the parameter settings on the GUI don't all match up with the values
in the corresponding input.param file. I have noticed this specifically for
values pertaining to the rejection of unlikely data samples.  For me, the
default settings on the GUI are exactly as shown here:


That is, the "Reject Unlikely Data Samples" box is checked, Num Reject is
5, Num LL stdev is 3, Start iter is 1, and Iter between rej is 0.

However, when I run amica without changing any settings, the resulting
input.param file lists the following:

do_reject 0
numrej 3
rejsig 3.000000
rejstart 2
rejint 3

Based on the runamica15 documentation, it seemed to me that these values
should correspond to the 5 rejection-related GUI values. Am I
misinterpreting something, and if so, could someone kindly explain what the
differences are between these sets of parameters?

Many thanks,


Heather Lucas, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Beckman Institute
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
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